FOUNDERS Assumption Junction (Notion Template)

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Brain-dump your biased assumptions and move your startup from clueless knowledge to convincingly validated knowledge.

Assumptions = bias. You must understand with what bias you are approaching building your business. So ask yourself → “What are all of the things that have to go right for this to be successful?” Our Rule of Thumb for Assumptions is Inspired by Drew Houston from Dropbox → LEARN EARLY, LEARN OFTEN. So go on & brain dump all of your assumptions, so your brain is ready to learn and retain as much information as possible. This template is all about effectively reducing your bias!

How to use FOUNDERS Assumption Junction

Ask yourself → “What are all of the things that have to go right for this to be successful?” Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my customer have the problem?
  • Does my key value proposition as a solution matter to my customer?
  • Will the customer pay for it?
  • Are there alternatives that solve the same problem?

Write out as many as you can - there are normally A LOT. Then proceed to group them across an IMPACT x KNOWN graph and finally rank them across the risk to your idea as well as the difficulty for you to test whether the assumption in question is true or not.

If you are unsure at any point, there are plenty of additional resources, reads and videos for you to reference after you download.

FOUNDERS Asssumption Junction is FREE or pay whatever you want.

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FOUNDERS Assumption Junction (Notion Template)

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